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Player never takes full damage, that's interesting. Allies take full damage?

Spoiler:I killed AndrewofDoom. Wonder if he knows about that...

Spoiler:I want to play Banner of the Stars. Where do I get the trading cards? Is there a starter kit for sale? :) Bonus points to you Spoon for catching me with that while I'm actually in the process of watching Banner of the Stars. So when do I get to meet Jinto and Lafiel? :D I wonder if you'll actually make "Banner of the Stars" as a forum game? The amount of detail on those cards makes me wonder if we'll be seeing them again...
Random thoughts so far:

Spoiler:The talking segments are so cool!!! Tempest is cute. And much more agreeable than her previous incarnation. Justice has certainly changed looks-wise, but so far, personality is about the same. I'm enjoying getting to know them. And Dawn too for that matter. I loved the introduction to the Terran factions. I'm getting sucked into the World. Speaking of suck, I suck at shooting anything down... :p But I've gotten this far. I am very fond of the music in the out of mission segments. Very pleasant and relaxing. I wonder how the resupply drone is going to effect the balance. Old WoD you couldn't resupply, now you can, and fill up on hull strength to boot, and so can anyone else who uses it. I've poked my nose into everywhere I can, been in the techroom and the journal. Some nice pictures in there. FRED is calling to me. I want to play around with the ships and get them all blowing each other up. :)

Played it, finished it. 20/10. I have bought extra copies to play as well.

Seriously, that played through without a hitch*, redesigned control scheme kept getting me but I've always been too lazy to rebind keys. I didn't experience any errors or anything that seemed out of the ordinary, and overall was a very smooth experience, FPS rarely dipped to 40 and was consistently much higher, nothing wrong with performance.

Nothing but praise on my end, Fantastic! Loved it! Obligatory: Where is Episode 2?

* Spoiler:Flying the Mk III and turned glide on accidentally, didn't know what I had pressed and was flying away from the bombers attacking the Zeph.. felt so helpless. Thank goodness NuWOD contains IRC support! :D

Truly enjoyed the few hours spent playing the entire morning. Spectacular cutscenes, shiny new ships, reworked storyline. Spoon and the people who contributed really made something.

The Ray Mk. III is ever more deadly now with glide. Even on Insane, Spoiler:I managed to chase away both MCWSes in less than two minutes! A stellar performance for a Terran fighter...maybe...Spoiler:because their pilots were still nuggets? If only you could intercept missiles like the Zy ones in Ye Olde WoD - having a bunch of ship-launched anti-fighter missiles on my six and unable to shoot them down while gliding makes me sad :P

Secondary-wise, the HLP-1 is my new favorite secondary for now. You can use it to shoot at ANYTHING! Fighters, bombers, capital ships, mines, even as a dogfight weapon it excelled if you can keep your fighter pointed at the enemy. Just invokes that latent human desire to launch lots of projectiles at people, this HLP-1 does.

And the best part of all - twintails!

I've only played a few missions so far, and have to leave my PC for 5 days tomorrow :( but I need to say: AWESOME WORK!  :yes2: :nod: :yes:
I'm loving this so much it should be illegal  ;7
Also super chuffed that I got a mention in the battle-live-feed :D

And.. umm... one minor nitpick, I broke the training mission and had to restart it, if you manage to destroy one of the missile launching ships the next one doesn't arrive (ramming speed!!  :nervous:)


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