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Feel like giving your thoughts about WoD in a review form? Please leave it in this thread!

Alright, just beat Episode 1 so I'll post my thoughts here. It was short but sweet, some of the engine-bending straight up blew my mind when I first saw it and the missions are pretty varied.

I might replay it later while using the dragonfly, but the Ray seems like by far the better option. It has great versatility and the ability to glide means you can take some power off the engines and into guns and shields. I did find the campaign a bit too easy, probably because it's the introduction campaign. Managed to beat it on insane without dying(although I did fail an objective a few times, and that Cyrvan assault ship got me down to like 3% hull). The multilock missiles are awesome just for what they do and how good they feel, even though dumbfires and guns are still the quickest way to blow stuff up.

One thing I didn't really like were the voice lines plucked from VNs. Random Japanese while everyone is supposed to be speaking "Terran basic" or Cyrvan just seemed weird. Though that's a nitpick, as you can easily just disable voices. I like anime, I just found it weird in this context.

The VN segments are straight up mindblowing. Sure, JAD 2.2 did something similar but this is a whole different level. The seamless transition between interior and exterior shots is pretty immersive and the artwork is nice too.

Spoiler:Getting to shoot down some smug space elves felt great. That's what they get for messing with Alpha1 Dawn. Praise the almighty VK-0103N.
I was amazed how quickly I got attached to the Zephyr, this Episode felt like one of those "4 fighters and a corvette" campaigns, except you only get 2 fighters and a cruiser-sized ship.

Your cockpit cracking added some real stress when your shields were down, much more so than just watching a number on your HUD go down.

It might be short, but it's some of the most fun I've had flying in quite a while.

Dark Hunter:
Well, I just finished it up.

I'm liking Dawn's new design, as well as Tempest's and Justice's retools. Gives them all more personality. Especially Tempest, she's easily my favorite character so far. Having Dawn as the protagonist also makes more sense story-wise, though I miss Misuzu.

The mission variety is excellent, and the conversation sections go a long way toward making this feel more like an inhabited universe.

I agree with FrikgFeek, though: the random Japanese sound bytes should go. They're out of place and jarring. (On the other hand, the Cyrvan language has me laughing when I look more closely at it. Are the not-Japanese words just gibberish or is there a method to the madness?)

I guess my impression is overall favorable. It's just too short at the moment and I want more story! :p
I'm hoping Episode 2 will come out soon-ish.

Spoilerrific stuff now:
Spoiler:Such major changes in the setting's history were unexpected to me. Suddenly we're at the outbreak of the Cyrvan Invasion and the Battle Thralls are sniffing around a good deal earlier than in the old timeline. Tempest and Justice are mercenaries, not soldiers, and the  JGASF can't exist now because the Cyrvans are not allies. Part of me loves this new universe that has a greater amount of thought put into it. Part of me is disappointed that we're not expanding on the original. But, as this iteration of the story is still brand-new, judgment must be reserved until later.

Dawn's new plotline is so anime-cliche: the mysterious amnesiac girl with psychic powers. But hey, that's part of WoD's charm, I'm not complaining.  ;)

Please tell me Misuzu and the rest of the bunch make an appearance soon. I caught Crystal's... I'm guessing it's her father getting name-dropped, so I imagine she might show up soon, but I'd love seeing more of the old cast in their new roles.

Saw the new designs for the various species, and am slightly surprised that the Prometheus Frame is still around with all the other changes that have been made. I look forward to seeing them in action.

Also, an O'Neill Cylinder. An actual Island III space colony in the Freespace engine. The Gundam nerd in me was geeking the **** out during that mission.

I guess this also means it's time to give the TvTropes page an overhaul...

Thanks for the reviews!

Regarding the voice bytes; I personally like having them there, as it gives an impression on how I envisioned the characters sounding in my head. I liked it in Recettear, and that game isn't set in Japan either. But I understand what you guys are saying, it's a valid complaint.

And yes, the Cyrvan words are not just random gibberish, there is some method to the madness  :p

--- Quote --- The Gundam nerd in me was geeking the **** out during that mission.
--- End quote ---
The Gundam nerd in me really wants to drop it onto something.  :D

If you look at the class descriptions in the F3 lab you'll see some of them are signed by Misuzu.


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