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Not downloading it right?

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So I am not getting an error messageā€¦ It's more like there's nothing to get an error message on. I click download, and when it asked me where I downloaded to the same folder all of the other campaigns like blue planet are in. It automatically downloads as an rar file, and then when I go to the launcher, it doesn't seem to register the campaign at all

Did you extract the .rar file?

Installation <should> be a really easy progress:
1. Download the game, it comes in a .rar
2. Extract the .rar, it's a standalone, so you can extract it basically anywhere on your pc. Doesn't have to be with the rest of your Freespace installation. Though it could be, if you want to.
3. Use the launcher in the now extracted wings of dawn folder, check your settings in it, and run the game

Right now it's in download folder. When I right-click on it, I see options like open with, send to, share with, properties... no extract option.

You'll need an extraction program that can open .rar files, they are not natively supported by Windows.
Something like WinRAR, 7zip, PowerArchiver, etc.


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