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[OOC] The Holonet Voice Node


The Running out of time thread chronicles one of the Phoenix puzzles that required calling an actual phone number and interacting with voice prompts.  (It was a temporary phone number that I registered via Skype, not my actual phone number. ;))  After the puzzle ran its course, the communications node was "deactivated".

Since that communications node is no longer available, and since the voice actors who contributed to that project aren't heard on a regular basis like the ones who voiced the actual campaign, I figured I would upload the actual Holonet voice files.  During the actual puzzle, I configured Skype to listen to my computer's audio and arranged the voice files on a sound board so that I could quickly play any file.

Download here

I should note that the interactive holonet contained one major hint that, as far as I can tell, nobody ever actually figured out.


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