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"739" or 0rph3u5' take on the Ancient-Shivan War

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--- Quote from: Nightmare on November 27, 2018, 04:34:09 pm ---BTW, did the Roman Empire use slaves for their army, or atleast how many soldiers originated from the non-italian provinces?

--- End quote ---

Not as part of the official fighting part of the Legions - you had to be a at least a "free" member of roman society* to become a Legionary. But when it comes to supply train and permanent forts you have an attenting group of slaves similar to any other roman settlement.

*Roman social structures are a bit complex, and not uniform over time. But for non-foreign males there is a continuum from slave to free to citizen to aristocrat that can be applied for most of the time basically.

Things get a bit more diverse if you are looking at Legion Auxiliaries, because they were not uniform at all. Auxiliaries were recruited from non-citizen classes, often raised locally and sometimes the term is used interchangibly with allied troops. Auxiliaries generally provided a Legion with specialized troops, either in terms of equipment or local knowledge.

Mito [PL]:
I reminded myself that I've read it and wanted to comment on it but forgot, so here I am, just wanting to say that it was definitely intriguing and enjoyable. Even if I don't remember much after several months since I've read it :P


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