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Game starts with error.


Hello, I have a problem with the game "FreeSpace Port MediaVPs", when I hit "Play" in Knossos this error shows up:

I don't know what it means, and I just wanted to play Freespace 1.
Can anybody give me an Instruction list on what to do?

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Please follow the instructions in this post to provide a debug log:,56279.msg1180359.html#msg1180359

It will help to pin-point the exact cause of the issue.

A weapon seems to be missing. Looks like your installation might be broken, did you try to verify file integrity?

If all else fails, you can try to manually get the files and install them in the FSPort MediaVPs folder.

Didn't we troubleshoot this recently on Discord? That time the issue was that the FSPort folder was empty (which also means that all the weapons are missing which leads to this error).
Please click the Modify button on the FSPort mod, make sure that at least core and tango are checked and click OK. If that didn't cause Knossos to install the missing files, open the menu for the FSPort mod and run the file integrity check from there.


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