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New Here. Hi.


Atheist Antichrist:
     So I just recently installed FS2, never expecting to find Knossos, or the MediaVP ports, or Silebt Threat: Reborn, and I definitely didn't think FS would ever run on Win10 which is why I never tried sooner.  I built an Intel Pentium 450 rig with 128Mb RAM and a Voodoo 2 1000 just to play Freespace 2 back in 1997 or 1998 which should tell you that I'm not exactly young...but perhaps I'm in good company.  I played Freespace obsessively back then, which my wife (now ex-wife) hated and it may have ruined my relationship...but I think I made the right choice.   
     Anyway, Hardlight: excellent job on Silent Threat: Reborn.  I had FS1, Silent Threat, and FS2 back in the day and whoever is responsible for ST:R is my hero(es), because it's a blast. 

     Playing all the FS at hi-res has been soo cool.

General Battuta:
Excellent username/post combo

Are you sure the Antichrist half of your name isn't the wife? :drevil:

Welcome, and on behalf of the ST:R team, thank you!

Colonol Dekker:

Try BP, and windmills, and vassagos dirge.


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