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FS1 Mod does not show up in Campaign Room

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Ok, I installed The SCP files, and then installed the FS1 mod (fsport), the latest files I believe. At first, I had the error with the missing sparky_hi_fs1.vp file, but after looking through this forum I managed to find and download that file, so now I've got the main screen. (I also downloaded the hi res textures and did the registry tweak, just FYI.)

But when I go to the Campaign Room, the Freespace 1 mod does not show up. I only see Freespace 2 there. (Clicking the Ready Room starts the Freespace 2 campaign.)

Am I missing something?

Windows XP Pro SP2, Pentium 3, 1GB memory, GeForce FX Go5200, Dx9.

Oh, I might also add that I can play other mods, and when I try to return to the fsport mod it says "The currently active campaign cannot be found. Please select another..."


1) Make a folder called "mediavps" and put the SCP files in that folder.
2) Make a folder called "fsport" put the FSport files in that folder.
3) Run the launcher
4)Click on the mod tab
5) Click Browse
6) Select the folder called fsport
7) Start and go into the campaign room.

I'm sorry, but seriously, if you had searched the forum, you could have found this easily.

The 3.6.9 installer made a mediavps folder, it has in it


and a data folder with ibx files in a cache subfolder.

I put the fsport files in their own fsport folder.

Still doesn't work.  I see the proper main screen but it won't find the mod in the campaign room.

What do you actually have in the FSPort folder?

(BTW if you run the debug version the FS2_Open.log in Data will list everything for you. Might be quicker to just run and quit than typing it out).

Couldn't figure out how to do that.  :(

Does this help?


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