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Frequent defragging needed for drive after due playing?

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Hi all, new to this forum. Just loaded FS2SCP 2 days back.

I had trouble playing the game at first due to unexplained crashes so I decided to defrag my drive and install the game again. After installing, I defragged again. Just my normal procedure.
The game ran great until today when it started crashing often. When checked, my drive files had much fragmentation again......

has anyone faced this? Does ur drive fragment much from too much playing of FS2SCP only? Coz it does on mine and its causing crashes in-game. Anyone with any solution please help me!! Thanks!

P.S. Even after defragging the drive after the crashes, I go back to the game and it still crashes....  :hopping:
great start to the week.......cold turkey :shaking: from the lack of shivan killing.

I've heard reports of odd problems with FRED that are solved by defragmentation.

Personally I'm mystified. The game shouldn't be moving anything much. The only files that should change during the game are those in the pilot file and any log files created. The game will create a bunch of cache files too but it should only do that once for each ship.

For quick defrags, try "Optimizing" in my siggy... but that doesn't solve your problem... Hmm.  What mods are you running?  What build?  Is your system perhaps overheating?  Whens the last time you opened the case & cleaned the dust out?  Are your fans all running normally? 

After looking at the above stuff, you could try stress testing different components of your system, to see if a component is failing... namely, I'd check the memory, then the GFX card, then the CPU... for the memory, google up memtest86+.. for the rest, IDK, just google eg "CPU stress tester", but make sure it's not spyware... it should be free.

thanks for the help.....I still face problems with the game crashing, particularly playing derelict's campaign.

Nothing wrong with dust or fan but I guess I'll try to root out the problem oneby one. Thanks again.

Btw, anyone face the problem on derelict's campaign where you have to pull the escher out o the mess? I cleared the mines and the ship started moving but it crashed after that. Almost always along that point. Anyone have any idea why?

IDK, that mission worked fine for me... hmm, I mentioned memtest86+... get their bootable .iso, burn a cd, and boot your computer with it & let it test overnight.  If, in the morning, you have no errors, great... if you have errors, then you prolly need new memory.


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