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new(bie) to the forums... some pre-emptive suggestions?

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im new to these forums. i played FS1 way back and now am downloading FS2 from underdogs. I am on a brand new (jan) Vista computer and was wondering what i should be going ahead and downloading to be able to play the game and install some new mods and missions. i tried looking over the forums for the past hour and i just dont really understand alot of the abbreviations and local lingo. any help would be appreciated. or, perhaps i should just wait for the download to finish and let you guys know problems from there... or maybe this should just be deleted. idk, its up to you, but im going to thank you all in advance for any and all help

thanks :)


Install using HotU, then use my Installer to upgrade.


--- Quote from: Turey on July 01, 2007, 11:53:33 pm ---Install using HotU, then use my Installer to upgrade.

--- End quote ---

Didn't he just say he doesn't understand the abbreviations and local lingo?

HoTU = Home of the Underdogs
JAD3 = Just Another Day 3 (Shivans on a Plane)
ST:R = Silent Threat Reborn (Soon to be relaeased (I hope! :nervous:))
DEM = Deus Ex Machina
FS:SCP = FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project (Highly recommended)

Just a few of the top of my head, what else aren't you understanding? We are here to help! I highly recommend that you use Turey's installer to obtain the cutscenes that are missing from the underdogs version and also get the FS Open engine (FS:SCP) with all the mediavps, this brings the game visuals upto current generation games quality (almost).

Recommended mods???? Hmmmmm

FSPort (FS1 ported to the FS2 SCP engine)
Transcend (Spooky)
Sync (Spooky)
Cardinal Spear (FSPort required)
Procyon Insurgency

Recommended total conversions??? (TC = Total conversion, installation of FreeSpace2 not required)

BattleStar Galatica BTRL (Beyond The Red Line) Demo
Wing Commander Saga Prologue.



Oh yes! and HLPBB means Hard Light Productions Bulletin Board, just in case you were wondering!  ;)

after running the launcher i was informed the app failed to start because OpenAL32.dll was not found. where can i download this .dll and where should i put it? thanks. sorry for all the questions...

edit: nevermind. found it and installed. i should try a little harder before i ask dumb questions...

edit2: can i just say how awesome it is to be playing this game again....

Make sure that if you are playing the FS2 campaign, that you select the "mediavps" folder as your mod, otherwise you'll miss out on the new graphics and stuff.  Selecting FSPort automatically also enables mediavps, so you are all set there.


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