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Can't get past the briefings

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Wrong. Sorry, maybe I should have specified, FS2: SCP won't get past ANY briefing. As soon as the briefing ends, and I click the button to start the mission, it just stops, freezes. And i hear some sounds.

Grr, I don't wanna let SCP go because of all the mods and cutscenes I've yet to go through. T_T

Then you need to select the mediavps folder as your mod folder and not the fsport folder. The debug spew there indicates you have the fsport selected as your mod and therefore playing the FS2 campaign is impossible as that is for the FS1 campaign.

I'd need the log when you're actually running into the problem you need help with before I stand much chance of figuring out the cause.

How do I get a proper log?

Basically do what I said on that other thread, go to the campaign room, select the FS1 main campaign and then try to run. If it crashed the log will now have the information I need.


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