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Why doesn't VasudanAdmiral help you in the first place? Have you already pinged him? :)


--- Quote from: brandx0 on April 04, 2008, 05:37:14 pm ---Music Composer

* Duties include creating an original sound track for the game.
* The Team is looking for a music selection which is reminiscent of the original Star Wars sound track, but neither a direct copy, nor a rapid departure from the sound of the movies.
Sound Effects Artist

* Duties will include creating or sampling sound effects to put into the game for weapons, atmospherics, and interface.
--- End quote ---

Have you ever tried contacing Erik "blackhole" McClure? :)


--- Quote from: jnail7 on July 05, 2008, 07:30:25 pm ---Hello, I have sent two inquiries now for the composer and sound engineer position to brandx0 (I couldn't find chief1983's email address).  I fear that my messages may have been swallowed by spam filters.  Would you like me to resend the original message?

--- End quote ---

Links to our emails and to PM us on the forum are located to the left of any message we've posted.  If you weren't contacted by Brand, feel free to resend to both of us or send it as a Personal Message, I always get those.

--- Quote from: aRaven on July 06, 2008, 05:01:42 am ---Why doesn't VasudanAdmiral help you in the first place? Have you already pinged him? :)

--- End quote ---

He has helped us with a random request here and there so far, but he's involved in numerous other projects and we need someone with more time to dedicate to FotG.

--- Quote from: Mobius on July 06, 2008, 05:07:02 am ---Have you ever tried contacing Erik "blackhole" McClure? :)

--- End quote ---

Nope, but that position isn't one we're currently in dire need of, and will probably hold off actively seeking help for it until later.

If you want a sound designer or some sounds, just let me know. Here's a sample set, i just put this together in a couple minutes-it's not my best work, just a test. I took into consideration the following things

-The way they sound in the movies
-The fact that X-Wing and Deathseed use the same engines
-The fact that the X-Wing and E-Wing are similar fighters with similar engines
-The fact that the Y-Wing and DIE-Wing use different engines from the engines of other ships, and they have the same type of engines
-The A-Wing has HUGE FREAKIN ENGINES;11342481;/fileinfo.html
So download it. This isn't my best work, I can do better.

Those are great.  Can't wait to hear more of what you can do!


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