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Does this just happen in the one mod, or in all of them (check the tech room to make sure).  If it only appears in the one mod, redownload and replace the mod file.  If it happens in all of them, you have corrupt mediaVPs. 
If so, manually (meaning NOT using Turey's Installer) redownload the 3.6.10 VPs.

Admiral Nelson:
I've updated Boomerang to work with MediaVPs 4.5.x.  Why not try one of the oldest campaigns with the latest tech FSO and FSU have to offer? :)


A powerful new Shivan technology leads to trouble for the GTVA in this fully voice acted three mission campaign.


I wanted to play this gem once again after all these years.  :)

It has aged well, I have to admit, though the time has probably come to switch to proper skyboxes instead of using the good old nebula bitmaps (which still are a significant milestone in the history of FreeSpace modding). On a slightly unrelated note, Darkblade's voice acting was great.  :yes:


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