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I started this model four years before BtA released. I never finished it because we cut it from the mod. But I'm on a roll, so I decided to finalize this one as well. Released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Trivial Psychic:
This is going RIGHT into my Unification War folder.  Thanks.  How about the Reliant next, eh? :snipe:

So I just finished adding it into UW, and was a bit concerned when PCS2 couldn't read the dds file... which I guess is that new one being talked about.  Anyway, I booted it in the lab and noticed some anomalies around the engine thruster map.

[attachment deleted to save space]

Smoke rings!

Actually just a UV error. I can fix that pretty easily when I get home.. if I remember.  :nervous:

EDIT: I'm really just working through my backlog of stuff I was upgrading for Bta years ago. The Reliant was never on that list unfortunately. Kestrel is next, followed by the Angel.

Trivial Psychic:
Nice!  I await with baited hanger decks.


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