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wanting Updated dual joystick options


Recently returning to Freespace2 from a LONG hiatus after seeing some video on youtube of recent versions of FSO, man this community is amazing!  I found some rather old instructions for setting up dual sticks using vjoy, which I don't believe is supported any longer, wanting to see what the best way of getting dual sticks to work on a Windows 11 system may be. Thanks!
Using Sidewinder 3d Pros if that's relevant.

Welcome back! The FreeSpace Open engine has been updated to allow for up to 4 joystick/controller inputs to be used at once. Enabling this requires you using the community version of the Knossos Launcher.

Windows installer:

I would recommend also joining the Discord server, too, as help there can be much more rapid than on the forums :)

Discord Link (to Knossos launcher subchannel specifically):


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