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I for one, welcome our Fringespace overlords.


--- Quote from: Mongoose on September 01, 2010, 02:10:11 am ---So out of curiosity, what was it that made you decide to get hosted at HLP?

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure that you could say we're hosted so much, as that implies we're using
using HLP's other file storage and other features, of which we are not. We still maintain
our site, our own SVN, and FTP space. We're technically not in the hosting menu at the top of the page.

Primarily exposure. HLP is the hub for FS2 modding and while I believe that being separate
was the right decision at that time, times have changed and it's logistically smarter to have something
here. Some folks haven't heard of us, or considered us dead since they don't hear a great deal, getting
involved with things here or there is a bit more difficult across 2 forums.

A wise decision.

Will you also try to bring over the multiplayer mode with the two bases?
That would be so great!

And as a Tachyon fan I really look forward to this mod  :yes:

Base Wars.

It is something we want to do, but it will have to come later on.
FS2 I don't think was ever designed to do something like that, outside of perhaps
Squadwar... and we need a ton of code in order to make all the parts work like credit tracking,
pilot upgrading, base reactions and triggers.

There's quite a few upgrades we want to make to the BaseWars experience as well.

Right now, I'd rather see the netcode whipped into shape so stuff like arena, capture the flag,
point defense, etc.. can be done smoothly. Base Wars would likely rely heavily on the netcode improvements,
since there's a great deal to track. We also have to implement the sector to sector transitions, which
are not native to FS2.

Sounds like a lot, which it is... so we're working on the fighters and caps first. Bases will come after that.
but we do have a fair idea of how to hack some solutions together to get the results we want.


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