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Tachyon's Concept Art

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I went and assembled one big image of all the Tachyon concept art if anyone's interested
in seeing what came from what. Has comparison pics with the ingame units.

May take a while to load, it's about 10.5 MB.
If you get an attack site warning, no that's not us, it's being
blacklisted for something else.... *sigh*

There's actually more art in the user manual... of bases and other ships, characters, etc.
But it's so faded and written over it'd be pointless to try and get it.

I recall some artwork being in the credits for the game... We may need to get a wiki entry up and coming at some point.

Quick heads up guys Chrome malwares the link


on a more positive note the artwork is awesome


--- Quote from: headdie on May 23, 2012, 02:42:16 pm ---Quick heads up guys Chrome malwares the link

--- End quote ---
Firefox (tested on OS X) and Safari do, too. Looks like Google Safe Browsing currently doesn't like :blah:


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