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the tachyon.exe process still inactive

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Hi, I just purchased the game from steam, but when I launch it, the tachyon.exe process does nothing..
I'm running under windows 7, and I have successfully checked the file integrity with steam.
Thanks for your answers :)

Ok. Set the settings using tachyon.exe but use space.exe to launch the game.  tach.exe is the launcher similar to the original fs2 launcher except more buggy. try doing all this directly not through steam to start with until it runs.

typing my phone...will check back later

unfortunately, the result is the same : I have run tachyon.exe as admin, in windows XP SP3 compatibility mode, and the process still here and does nothing. The only difference is that now the process takes 19000K memory, whereas before (when launched with steam) it was taking 20000K memory.

Here's the main files that're known working form my install.

You can drop this on top of the install directory and overwrite, or copy everything you've got to a duplicate folder, then drop these on top.

Really Tachyon.exe doesn't do much... you can bypass it entirely and just add lines to a text file.
That file is in this set, but it's going to be set to my default video drivers.

But try overwriting with this, see if you can't run Tachyon.exe then. Or try launching Space.exe directly too.

*scratches chin*  There's a couple other things it might be... but we'll start here.
You can get me over IM if you need to, I'll drop in the freespace and fringespace IRC rooms for today in case you want to directly get me.

thanks :) space.exe works fine, but tachyon.exe doesn't. Anyway, that doesn't matter ; and your configuration works well on my pc  ;)

However, do you know how to modify Front.cfg manually ?


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