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[Question] Modify the Text in Tachyon ??

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Hi all!

I want change the text in Tachyon for make a Spanish Translation of the game... but the files are encrypted? Anyone knows how i can open and edit these files?

Thanks all :)

You can edit the majority of the files.  The main tools you would need is a PFF unpacker such as Raven's PFF tool, and the devilsclaw BIN tools,
and also bloodstar's CBIN translator. 

You might be able to do it, but it won't be an easy process. There a pretty large quantity of files you'd have to edit.


Thanks for the reply!

And the last question:

Can i put subtitles in the vĂ­deo scenes? (in the gameplay videos)


Unfortunately no,

T:TF uses a Blink video for the introduction credits, and "live" animation for the rest...

I'm honestly not sure what it's actually called, but "live" animation doesn't use a video file, it actually moves the 3D models around.

It's essentially a scripted event, with a movable camera, but we really don't understand the layout of what's in those files to be able
to say how to recreate the "cutscenes" effect. It's overall very much like Freespace in how it works, it's just we didn't get mod tools from
the developer for anything.

What you could do, is re-record the MP3 (or wav or figure out the SBF) in Spanish for Bruce Campbell's lines.

Feel free to drop in our IRC room or contact me over IM and we can go over what you need.


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