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welcome back ik jester, ik claw

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Like JGZinv said, the extractor is still a work-in-progress, and only extracts just enough data for us to work with. There's still a number of data tucked away in the .pak file format that hasn't been decoded yet, and these are the ones that are the rigging structures, armor and health preferences, etc.

There is an issue with quad-based meshes that it exports, because as far as I can tell, the .pak format was tri-based to begin with. There may be a snippet of data in there somewhere that properly links tri's that are in the same quad together, but I haven't found it. I do have an algorithm laid out to try and stitch together the quads, but I haven't been able nor very willful to go through the coding. (It's been a rough couple of weeks).

Slippster Starpilot:
i used to use the Deep Exploration app  to open the files after extraction but the ship's texture skins never looked "right", one of the projects i always wanted to do was to have an offline ship viewer, (and all the other models in the game too), because i had a website devoted to map building tutorials, and the best i could do at that time was make a screenshot viewer after sitting in-game for many hours and making a catalog of all the games objects, bases and ships, and background sky box plates, a very time exhaustive process, but i did it, and it worked very well online...i only had that webspace for one year and i didnt re-up the site, so that was that.
im not a 3D guy, so i cannot help you guys in this aspect, although i cheer you on from the sidelines! Bravo everything i see looks Fabulous!
 Forge on, brave knights!

Delphy's extractor had many things wrong with it, not just the textures... but yeah, provided I get rid of this blasted cold and have some time,
I've been working on all 39 fighters. The Boras are pretty much done short of tables. The primary GS fighters we'll use will be Carl's versions, but I'm
still fixing the extractions on the originals so they can be used.

IK Jester:
yo slippy nice to see you made it here lol sorry it has taken me a while to reply you know work, family and all of that lol can't wait until you are back online it would be great to get a few more people into game Claw and I have been playing abit of BW lately and it has been limited but great. Keep on keeping on bro talk to you soon


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