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Black Wolf:
One of the big challenges in going back and creating a campaign set over a decade before FS1 - hell, the single biggest challenge - is that you can't really just use the same FS1 ships. You can get away with it when your campaign is set only a few months before, and add new ships where your missions demand them, but when you're going back this far, you basically need to rebuild the fleet, otherwise it kills the verisimillitude (IMO, anyway). This is hard enough for Terrans, but for the Vasudans, who have about a fifth of the number of mods available (many of which look distinctly post-capella), it's much, much harder. So, to do it right, we basically have to do it ourselves.


Luckily, there are still a few quality models out there, if you know where to look. One such model was Blowfish's GVC Naunet, which was based on Stratcomm's Naunet and Asarte models. This just happend to coincide neatly with the fact that I'd been trying to use one of these models for awhile as the PVC Neith in Frontlines.

Eventually, I was able to get in touch with Blowfish, who sent me the model for UVing and texturing. This is where the process stands at the moment.

The textures are still WiP - there's a mass grey layer over the old black and white bits, but the AO hides it pretty well. Still work to be done, though, and of course, Debris, LoDs etc. However, as this is a FL model, the open development policy comes into play, and as soon as it's done, it'll be released.

As for its role in FL, it's still basically as written on the wiki page linked to above - the Vasudaqn's most powerful, heavy hitting cruiser, and probably the most dangerous in their fleet (destroyers are still way off in the future at this point) short of the Ramses, when you take its fighters and bombers into account. The terrans really don't have a counter at this point in the war, and they're desperately trying to do something about that, modifying Fenrises into Leviathans and desperately rushing to get the Goliath cruiser-destroyer into service. Seeing one of these on the battlefield is a scary experience for any terran pilot at this point in the war.

I love it :yes: . I always wanted to see this model finished, but unfortunately ED didn't go that far with development process. Any chances to see post-capella variant?

Bravo!   :yes:
Very nice looking ship there, and I can totally see that as a pre-FS1 Vasudan ship.

Very good work!

Buff Skeleton:
It's what an Aten should have looked like! Excellent job piletttttttttTTT.


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