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Black Wolf:

Thanks to Frontlines open development model, the Leto-A is being released, even though it's essentially just a kitbash of the original Leto. 99% of the credit goes to Aldo, who did the original ship - all I did was tweak it.


After the GTA settled on the Leto as their mainline superiority fighter at the beginning on the last decade, BAE space proposed the development of a variant using the same underlying spaceframe, but more focused towards heavy assault and anti-capital operations. The advantages were obvious - greater flexibility from the fighter fleet and common parts for ease of maintenance, so the GTA agreed to fund the project. The Assault Leto was the result. Though slower, and slightly better armoured than its older cousin, the Assault Leto changes few of the fundamentals of its predecessors design, even maintaining the same magazine size despite a larger number of primary cannons. Its added rocket pods and additional underwing external weapons storage however give it the punch needed to penetrate Vasudan capital armour.

The Assault Leto will essentially serve in a sort of light bomber/heavy assault role, though the tactical flexibility such a ship is limited in the early TV War by the lack of fighter scale subspace drive. When a carrier full of Leto-As pulls up though, they can change the battlefield quickly.

A few notes:

The TBM will have to be modified if you want to use it - the weapons and stats are FL specific.

The stats may change slightly between this version and the released version - everything has been eyeballed, but I'm not doing any heavy duty balancing until the entire fleet is complete.

dl link?  :p

it's the Star Citizen model for ship releases, you only get the jpg  :p

* niffiwan flees

Black Wolf:
Whoops! Fixed.


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