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Freelancer was IS one of the first "Open World" MMORGP's ever.

Would you like to play Freelancer? (even on 16:9 Widescreen HD is possible)

Would you like to know more about Freelancer - Multiplayer - the most underestimated MP/RPG/PvP ever?

Using US/UK Version you will have it in English!

Released by Microsoft in 2003 it became one of the most succesful games in it's era. The Multi-Player mode and PvP system is unique and it have set standards for PC gaming. In addition - Freelancer has a great "story-mode" for single-player. By walking through the Vanilla campaign you can gain experience and basic skills. And playing this is really competing and fun. Now - 15 years later many pretend that it's death. But this ain't the truth. Some game servers are still existing. There are multiple Mods flying around on platforms like Indie- / ModDB and several Multiplayer communities all over the globe are still playing this game on 24/7 gameservers.

This forum will not only show my modding work. I would like to create a "content platform" - full of information about today's Freelancers!

When you would like to know more about the Original Game Freelancer (it is freeware nowadays and can be played on Windows 10 without any bigger installation issues) - i'am collecting some FL related links for information here:

General Information
Google it!

Online Multi-Player servers
Current official server list
Official Freelancer Discovery Site - a Total Conversion Mod
Freelancer Discovery is the most famous Freelancer server nowadays. The average player count is around +/-30 active players 24/7 - it is a strongly restricted Role-Play-Server. I recommend visiting their forum boards and reading the Code of Conduct and numerous rules they have, before starting to play around and finding yourself in prison later.

Freelancer Rebirth - Total Conversion Mod (ModDB Download) (Website - Russian Development)
Freelancer - Rebirth is a Russian total conversion mod. It "may"be that they release a complete english translation one day.

Freelancer Crossfire (ModDB) (Crossfire - SWAT Portal)
The biggest FL total conversion mod, that exists with an active player community.

Hamburg City - Freelancerserver (Website, Forum & Downloadpage)
The Hamburg City server is a well balanced "vanilla" orientated server with small balance changes in the PvP-System and physics. It was created by German modders but supports english language. It unites a Vanilla FL built and modern technical settings like Widescreen support and more "Systems" and "Bases" to discover and a player based clan system. Player factions hold bases, battleships and have other useful advantages and possibilities. I took this features into my Vanilla FL built in order to refine & extend it with way more content. I recommend giving this server a try when it's about the classic-skill-based PvP-system - Hamburg City is my personal no1 of choice cause it's so familiar with the Vanilla FL - no other conversions contain that faith in Vanilla orientated modding - but with the befinit of still being able to be advanced with "perfect" matching elements - that won't destroy the original feeling of Freelancer.

This list i will update from time to time. There is allot awesome Freelancer content available for all kinds of players / people who are interested in Science-Fiction / Online Roleplay / good and competing PvP - or whatever else you wanna do outside - when YOU are a Freelancer in space!


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