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Colonol Dekker:
So this freeware you speak of, I take it win 7 supports it as I recall finishing the game on win 98 many moons ago  :yes: :nod:

Sry, i dont ignore your topic, but in the first place i didnt understand.

Freelancer can be installed and played on those OS (tutorials and help is all around the net):


For all systems above WinXp i recommend installing and playing it with WinXP SP2 support / execute as admin. No further settings to be made on my side. Im just mounting the iso and install/play it.

On Win10 there needs to be DirectPlay installed before starting the exe the first time.

A bit more complicated is widescreen support and resolutions above the early 2000s standard - but this is something im working on. I think i will release a widescreen mod for single player soon.

Regards RizZ

Colonol Dekker:
Appreciate the reply bud, don't ever take my posts as genuinely butthurt I'm a really nice guy 👌👌😊😊👍


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