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What is that forum all about?


I think many of you ask themselves now: What is this new board? Who t. f. is RizZen? What is that all about Freelancer?


i'm RizZen - a hobby modder from Germany. My intentions are creating better games out of good games. My first "big" project was MechCommander - another game - another genre. But i've quit up this work. Started modding Freelancer - i never thought i would do it - neither that i will be able to.... - but MechCommander and it's success brought self-confidence to me. Freelancer is - in general more easy to mod. But it is although more complex. MechCommander was an easy 2-D isometric RTS - this is - through and through 3D.
I found some developer tools and allot information about Freelancer - i downloaded all content and would like to revive this game a bit. As you have noticed - this game isn't dead at all. There are many FL-Mods available and some great total conversions. Even  a indie kickstarter project that is attempting to be concurrence to Star Citizen has the FL-Engine as backbone. All in all Freelancer isn't dead. It is a great game. One of the games i loved very much in my youth. Especially the online Multi-player functions attracted me to play it again and again for many years.

Well i could attract a younger generation to play retro MechCommander 1 again ... - maybe i can although attract more younger people to give Freelancer a taste! - It is a great game and when you are excited from Science-Fiction, space games, ego-shooters, online pvp, roleplay, trading, fighting - in a game - then your on the right way downloading the free available Freelancer.ISO (google it) - mount it on Windows 10 and install it as an administrator after mounting the ISO as virtual disk. It is recommended to use Windows XP SP2 compatibility... in order to play and not crash when launching it for the first time.

You can start the game online by using a Mod that allows Multi-Player gaming - or just enjoy the awesome single-player campaign of the Vanilla Version. Wide-Screen Mods and other technical enhancements are although available for that gem.

I'm working on several things related to Freelancer now. For first: My personal Mod and maybe later online MP creation. Worktitle is FL - Memories. But not only this. I'm although working on a single-player HD-Mod that allows you to play it on wide-screen without the need to do several changes in the game files. All releases are Vanilla oriented and i like to keep the original spirit of games alive. But i will extend the content, solve bugs and try to make it a better game - like the way it is.

Regards RizZ

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Colonol Dekker:
Good post, but you're ignoring my topic on your board 😭😭

You have got an answer, i hope i understood you right  :yes:

Colonol Dekker:
Alles gut buddy. ;)

Is there perhaps an install guide you could link to or provide guidance for anyone visiting your subforum?  I think it would aid people wanting to try your improvements out.

This is on my worktable. But i have to do many things. For first comes my modding work for the core game. Then in the second place i put forum work.

I plan to do this forum work in the future:

* Install guides & tutorials for all existent MP-Mods and how to get into / familiar with the online communities
* A general Freelancer Guide for players with information how to play it from the very first beginning & tactical guides for interaction with other players / npcs / combat / PvP / trading...
* A total overview of ANY FL related content i can find in the www
* A gallery thread with screenshots and FL related pictures only
* Collection of links and FL related content - threads
* Collection of downloads and FL related content - sites
* General ingame & technical support for ALL freelancers - no matter what version/mod/server they play!!!
* Releasing and publishing my FL Work, Modding content & Server support when 24/7 FL Vanilla oriented server is online
* A bugreport thread where people can report bugs and issues with the game and where Freelancers get REAL support and solutions
* Optional updates for Freelancers who are using my FL version later
* A seperate forum / or sub-forum for freelancer modding would be nice - here i could place the "technical" knowledge and detailed modding information
You would like to know how it could be later on? - See here my work for MechCommander RTS:

NoGutsNoGalaxy - MechCommander section with the unique colossal Darkest Hours Mod
In this forum you will although see examples of how i do it. This forum i've build in about two years.

Edit: I have to admit that it looks chaotic at the moment. But that's how i do things. I will put order into chaos - especially with link-collection threads. Users will be able to root for information in the forum search or overview pages then. And they will find the information they look for then!


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