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Been meaning to do this for awhile now but just haven't had the time.  I'd like to get the status of all multiplayer missions updated and keep a list of anything in progress for a future add-on pack.  Here's what I have:

MissionNameStatusFUBAR_MD01Earth Alliance B5 DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD02Armed Turtleshell DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD03Narn Centauri DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD04Minbari Mayhem DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD05Shadow Slaying Grounds LiteIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD06Drazi Brakiri DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD07Shadow Slaying Grounds Heavy CQFinished mission, fun but not release qualityFUBAR_MD08Minbari Asteroid DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD09Drazi Brakiri Asteroid DogfightIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MD10Narn Centauri Asteroid DogfightIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MD11Raider Asteroid DogfightWill be in Zathras R1FUBAR_MD12Shadow Lite Asteroid DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD13Vorlon Asteroid DogfightIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MD14Drakh Asteroid DogfightIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MD15Shadow Slaying Grounds Heavy Spawn point bug  Can't releaseFUBAR_MD16Shadow Asteroid Heavy DogfightSpawn point bug, Can't releaseFUBAR_MD17Shadow Vorlon Asteroid DogfightIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MD18Vorlon Staging Area DogfightWill be in Zathras R1FUBAR_MD19Vorlon Shadow DogfightWill be in Zathras R1FUBAR_MD20Drakh Staging Area DogfightIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MD21Drakh Asteroid Dogfight GunshipsIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MD22Drakh Staging Area DF Gunships   Fix needs testingFUBAR_MD23Medium Fighter DogfightIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MD25Dilgar DogfightWill be in Zathras R1FUBAR_MD26Dilgar Asteroid DogfightFinal TestingFUBAR_MT01Earth Alliance B5 TvTIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT02Earth Alliance TvT NWTRIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT03Narn vs Centauri TvT NWTRIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT04Minbari Mayhem TvTIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT05Shadow Slaying Grounds TvT LiteIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT06Drazi vs Brakiri TvTIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT07Minbari Tinashi Attack DefendIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT08Minbari NWTR TvTIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT09Drazi vs Brakiri NWTRIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT10Narn vs Centauri Dross 12 TvTIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT11Raider NWTRIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT12Shadow TvT NWTR LiteIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT13Vorlon TvT NWTRIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT14Drakh TvT NWTRIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT15Shadow Slaying Ground TvT Heavy In core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT16Shadow TvT NWTR HeavyIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT17Vorlon vs Shadow TvT NWTRIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT18Vorlon Staging Area TvTWill be in Zathras R1FUBAR_MT19Vorlon vs Shadow TvTWill be in Zathras R1FUBAR_MT20Drakh Staging Area TvTIn core, no known problemsFUBAR_MT21Drakh TvT NWTR GunshipFix needs testingFUBAR_MT22Drakh Staging Area TvT GunshipFix needs testingFUBAR_MT23Medium Fighter TvTIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MT24Earth Alliance TvT GauntletIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MT25Dilgar TvT NWTRFinal TestingFUBAR_MT26Dilgar Disorder TvTFinal TestingFUBAR_MT27Dilgar Sekhmet Attack DefendFinal TestingFUBAR_MG01Shadow GauntletIn core, Fix in B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_MG02Minbari Training Gauntlet In core, no known problemsFUBAR_MG03Ultimate GauntletIn core, Fix in B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpFUBAR_M01Refugee HuntDocking problem and Inferno build would be neededFUBAR_M02Explorer DefenseWork in progress may require a 3.6.10 buildFUBAR_M03Explosive SituationAlmost finished but requires a 3.6.10 build to playFUBAR_M04Ride of the ValkyriesAlmost ready.  Should be in Zathras R1Vidmaster_MD01The MonolithIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpVidmaster_MD02Excalibur Training ExerciseIn core, no known problemsVidmaster_MD03Clash of the TitansIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpVidmaster_MD0aWhitestar StandoffSpawn bug, loadout bug, 3 primary bug  Not releasedVidmaster_MD0bBluestar StandoffSpawn point bug  Can't releaseVidmaster_MT01Liberty Port ShootoutIn core, no known problemsVidmaster_MT02Nova EncounterIn core, Fix in B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpVidmaster_MT03Primus EncounterIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpVidmaster_MT04G'Quan EncounterIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpVidmaster_MT05Warlock EncounterIn B5-M-MultiPack-1.vpVidmaster_MT06Raider EncounterHas a few bugs.  On holdVidmaster_MG01Vidmaster's ChallengeIn core, no known problemsVidmaster_MG02Vidmaster's Major ChallengeIn core, no known problemsVidmaster_MG03Vidmaster's DefenseWill be in Zathras R1Vidmaster_MR03RaceShelved indefinatelyRaider_Multiits tough but somebodys got toNot really set up for multi.  Needs work.  Part of Raider Wars VPTBP-MP2Duel of the FatesWill be in Zathras R1
Operations by Vidmaster:   Version released but still some bugs
Path of Blood by IPAndrews:   No current status

Multi Pack 1:
Multi Pack 2:

Voice list:  voice.txt

Sample voices

I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible.  If anyone has anything to add just let me know. 

This list was originally posted in the internal and hadn't been kept up to date.  Going to try to keep it up to date so if there is anything you are working on and want to add the the list let me know and I'll get it in there.  Same if you have anything to release. 

Some of the "Gunship kill bug no fixed planned" missions may be fixed in Zathras.  Spawn point bug may or may not be fixed in 3.6.10.  If not then they will be held for 3.6.11. 

Can't remember what was wrong with FUBAR_MD11.  May be fixed in 3.6.10.    Fixed in mission.

Refugee and so on will work with Zathras too I guess?
Now I need (or probably need help) to find that bug in Operations.

Well since I quit work on Refugee in the concept stage and ran into about 20 engine bugs on Explorer Defense and shelved it they definitely won't be in the first release.  I do plan on going back and finishing them at some point.

Operations is it's own VP but it would be a good idea to get it fixed before validation. 

Tossed together a few more and made an AI Profile to fix the beam kills don't count problem in the TvT and Dogfight.  Should change it in Ultimate Gauntlet as well. 

Spawn point bug changes have not been committed yet even in 3.6.11 builds so those missions are definately on hold for now. 


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