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Multiplayer mission status thread

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thanks fubar


I'm a late comer to the Babylon Project, but I'm eager to explore these missions with some friends. I've tried moving these .vp files into various directories, and Zatharus isn't picking them up. Can anyone explain to me what is required to use these with the latest version of Zatharus?

Thanks for your help,

At this point you really shouldn't need these.  All you should need is TBP and the latest version of Zathras.  You do need to choose multi player to see them they will not show up under single (except for the single player versions of Operations).

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong now.

I made a new directory, installed the babylon project executable from the release thread, and unpacked zathrus2.6 and the 3.6.18 files into the TBP root folder. when I launch with mod Zathrus selected and go to multiplayer, I show only 6 co-op missions(The vid-master challenge missions and 3 gauntlets).

Is there any key point I am missing in this process?

I also am new to TBP and just now looked and see no missions or campaigns listed when I select a multiplayer pilot. It seems that TBP folder structure is a jumbo'd mess as most vp campaigns do not have any subfolder and everything gets dumped into the root TBP folder.


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