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Taking on TBP's UI: The Mission Loading Screen

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Version 0.1 for the Earth-Minbari War mini campaign

Variant A

Variant B

Text (except for the Mission Title) and Background image are random. The loading bars are just temporary assets - I will make a better one in time; one with a negative shape underneath so it doesn't just pop up.

I think I like Variant B better, though I need to raise the origin of the text box a bit for that.

v 0.5

(The typos have been noticed and fixed; text review is on going as of this posting)

- Text and Formatting are still under review; I had a little problem getting paragraphs to work.
- Images to go with the flavor text on ships and weapons are planned for the next version; I've got a establish a standard and design some kind of frame.
- And the negative (here grey) spaces on the Loading Bar need to be darker, I think.


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