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WCS:DD in Linux with Wine

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Wait, you can install .NET with wine now?? When did this happen?
(I just realize I last worked with wine some years ago)

Of course you may want to wait for the Linux version of the game to get everything running smoothly, but I admit it feels pretty cool playing with wine and getting something to work that ain't designed for Linux. :)

Anyway, please continue posting if you find out more, it sure is interesting and the more impatient Linux users will like it. :)

Linux users can use PlayOnLinux for easier Wine management (wineprefix, different Wine versions for different apps and many more).

Hi, I'm the current maintainer of WCS:DD in WINE's AppDB. I've just updated the HOWTO, it should solve any previous problem with the launcher.

Since this game is OpenGL it should run at native speed, and shouldn't show differences to a native port in terms of performance.

Please check it at:

Unlucky we cannot give support to derived projects like Wineskin or PlayOnLinux as they change WINE's code, making us difficult to give support to those projects.

Aside of that feel free to ask for any support there.


PS: God I love this game.

Afaik, wineskin isn't suppose to change wine's code, it is just an implementation of wine in a mac appropriated package form.  In my experience, if it works in wine on macosx it will work there too.


Whats the timeframe on the Mac/Linux launcher?

Your news will save me checking the forums on a daily basis   



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