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Cockpit lighting question
With the 2/13 build this was added:

"Export the -no_emissive_light flag to the Launcher"

It makes ships not emit any light of their own unless it's from glow maps or reflected light.  Looks pretty cool.  The cockpit of my viper however is always lit up.  I was wondering if there was a way to get the same affect on the cockpit models?  To have them dark except for light sources and reflections.


Re: Cockpit lighting question
I came up with a solution for now.  I think it really looks fantastic.  I extracted the cockpit glow files and reduced the contrast by 25%.  The affect is that when light is shining in the pit it looks pretty normal but in the dark, you can read all the displays perfectly but other items only have an outline, like driving a car a night.  Works great with the emissive glow setting in the launcher.

Re: Cockpit lighting question
Here are some screenshots:

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Re: Cockpit lighting question
That does look rather nice in the last 3 shots. The launch tube looks a bit ugly though. Was that a static shot or one taken while launching?
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Re: Cockpit lighting question
Static, I hadn't launched yet.  It might have to do with the perspective.  I'm running tri at 7680x1440 so it can fishbowl the peripherals.

Re: Cockpit lighting question
I came up with a solution for now.

Realistically, if you wanted to have the cockpit lit that way you would need to bake additional lighting into the glow maps.
Because cockpit instruments would be emitting light onto surrounding areas.

Re: Cockpit lighting question
Good point.  I'll play with that and see what I come up with.