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TTF Multiplayer Setup Guide


Heya folks. We discovered last night that it is once again possible to host and join multiplayer Arena and Base Wars Matches on Novaworld. The “dedicated” Novaworld servers (with their expanded 64-player capability) remain down (probably for the foreseeable future), but you can play again, should you desire. Remember, this is a setup guide for Novaworld games, NOT LAN/IPX. Here’s how:

Step 1) Clean Install
From the original disc, Steam, GoG, or what have you, do the base install. If necessary, especially from an older disc copy, update to 36r, using the updater you can find on our Downloads page. The downloadable versions from Novalogic, GoG and Steam are already updated to 36r.

Note: Older installs of the game, especially modded versions, will have serious issues with multiplayer if you attempt to install the 2.6 multi fix. We strongly recommend that you make a clean install – unless you happen to have a pristine copy, just downloaded and/or unmodified – or have a copy with all of the following steps already completed.

Do not install the following out of order.

Once installed, you have a choice to make. Modded, or unmodded.

Option 1a) Unmodded
If you don’t need to host extra maps, or fly extra ships, don’t install the Tachyon Service Bay 2.0. You’ll have a patch to install, in order to play multiplayer still, however – whether or not you install this mod. The TSB includes MP fix 2.5, which has since been deprecated. If this is your choice, skip to Step 2.

Option 1b) Modded
The Tachyon Service Bay mod (found here) will allow you to select 3 options: The latter two options exclude each other, and each of those two will break the singleplayer game. There's nothing we can do about this - it's a limitation of the engine, and what it is possible to do with it.
If you select the first, you cannot use modded Base Wars or Arena ships as a pilot – if you select the Base Wars mod, you can’t play Arena (at all!) – and if you select Arena, you can’t play Base Wars (at all!). If you play both game modes, we suggest that you install a copy for each game mode - and if you play singleplayer, the latter two modes will break it - so you'll need a separate install for those if you want to continue your campaign!

Also, be advised: The Multiplayer Fix included with any TSB installation is deprecated. You still have to install the MP 2.6 fix at the end.

Multiplayer Fix + Maps:
This option will not break any game modes – and while you won’t have access to the modded ships in this version, you can still play all three game types one a single installation. In addition, you will be able to host a wide variety of modded maps, for both game types. This is a great option for a server installation.

Base Wars Mod + Multiplayer Fix + Maps:
This option will break Arena *and* singleplayer modes. What it does is add 10 maps, replace 3 of the ship options for each side with alternate ships – and moves the Archangel/Hammer down one slot, to replace the Phoenix & Claymore. There are a couple of other minor changes – see the TSB readme for additional information. Unmodded BW players can play alongside modded players.

Arena Mod + Multiplayer Fix + Maps:[/b]
This option will break Base Wars *and* singleplayer modes. This mod adds 19 maps, as well as the Corvus, Enforcer, Demon Pirate, Manta, Gar, Piranha, and Nighthawk fighters to your Arena roster, and unlocks all weapon slots on all ships.

Step 2) Visual Enhancements
If you’ve already got the base game installed, now you need to get it to work on a modern system (Post Windows XP). Download the Visual Enhancements mod. You can find this update here.

This mod is designed to work with the TSB, and adds widescreen and higher resolution support – as well as most of the original graphical effects only viewable on the Voodoo cards Tach was designed for, which were hidden under DirectX modes. The SETUP INSTRUCTIONS file included will tell you how to set it up. There are a couple of common issues you may encounter – the file above will also tell you how to ameliorate those problems.

Step 3) Multiplayer Fix 2.6
The server address has changed several times over the years. This fix updates the server IP for the Novaworld lobby. This can also be found on the Downloads page. Check the readme included with this file, but the basic idea is:

a) Unzip all those files

b) copy them to the install folder of the copy of Tachyon you want updated


d) See you in game!


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