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RELEASE: Knossos.NET v1.0.0: Making a multiplatform C# launcher with AvaloniaUI

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If anyone has been paying attention to the Discord, i started working on it on December 25th 2022, i originally started this project to learn how to use the Avalonia UI SDK as im transitioning from Winforms to Avalonia at work in order to make Linux apps. So as im learning the UI SDK as i go here things will be rough around the edges until i get more experience.

Github repo


Dev Enviroment:
-MSVC 2022
-.NET 6.0.406 SDK
-Avalonia Extension for Visual Studio

Tool Repo:
If you want to add your modding tool to Knet tool repo you need to make a PR here
You can also ask here or in Discord Knossos channel.

Requirements for the tool:
-File compressed in zip or tar.gz
-The application must be portable, no installer is supported
-A direct download link must be provided.

Minor niggle... nothing important... but the green borders are kinda ugly to me. Would look better with no borders around the tiles imo... but a grey or black would be okay.

But like I said, that's minor. I'm super stoked about this. Tell me, will this mirror knossos' mod handling implementation or might it include any of the planned improvements from nuknossos. I ask cause nuknossos was going to keep each module of a mod in its own folder (like knossos' "dev mode" mod installation) instead of combining them into one folder. There are technical reasons I prefer the nuknossos approach but I can see the benefits of keeping things as similar as possible to knossos.

Have been using v2 yesterday and this morning, really terrific work! Boots up much faster and smoother then even current community edition Knossos, checks the mod repo faster and does it all automatically!

I also really like how it shows the PXO list and has a separate engine tab.

Few things I've noticed that you are probably already aware of:

The arrows that show up when hovering over a mod are clever. I'm realized though that if I click on the arrow to go down to the bottom 3 options then it stays there and if I was a new user it might be confusing where the play buttons and others went (maybe I'm over thinking this). What are your thoughts on this?

The clear button at the top continues to show up even when there is nothing left to clear?

When clicking on a mod it might be good to make the popup window slightly smaller or have some way to easily show it's a seperate popup window? Or a button that says close. (might just be me, but it took me a hot second to figure out that it was a new window that I could just close without closing the whole program).

Also the mod window has a Play and Stop button. Would it be possible for the stop button to only be clickable or show if the game is actually running?

It would be really cool if the mod window supported animated PNGs for the banner image and if the text section supported formatting (both similar to old Knossos).

Again just wanted to say how awesome and impressive this is, thank you for taking all this on!!

The borders are also a status indicator, its suppoused to be Green = ok, Gray = dev mode, Blue = update is avalible,  Red = missing depedencies. But im yet to find a proper way to do that last part, if i dont end up implementing the red border i will replace green with a black border for as green would have no purpose.

Regarding mod and dev mode, i havent planned anything about it yet, and the reason is simple, i dont know anything about how it works when uploading a mod, log in to nebula, etc. So im going to focus first on everything is that is play only, dev mode will be the icing on the cake.

Buuut one thing for sure, the whole folder structure may be changed, right now im following how Knossos does stuff as this is intended to be a drop-in replacement, but in the future i may have a new folder structure that gets rid of the root pack concept as a whole, intended for clean installs. As the root packs, at least to me, makes little sense and just complicates things or make them more confusing.


I do agree about the arrows, but for a diferent reason, like going to mod settings, you probably want to go to play after doing that by staying it justs adds an additional button to click.

Mod details is very limited right now, but here ive been actually being limited by the UI framework, it dosent even have a rich text box control yet.

I don't have any comments except that this is incredibly cool.


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