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BETA: Knossos.NET v0.1.0: Making a multiplatform C# launcher with AvaloniaUI

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I really like all the updated UI aspects. Colors look really nice, and the search and status bar work great.

On hovering over a mod, I wonder if the order could be Play, Details, Settings, FRED2, then on the next page FSO Debug and QTFRED (since those are much less used). Though I'm also guessing you have thought about this ordering a lot already :)

On the PXO tab, I really like how the games are auto shown now. You also mention text at the bottom of the screen about how to `input the PXO account long number and password in the multiplayer configuration in-game.` May or may not be useful to stated that keyboard short cuts for copy and paste work with those credentials, too?

On the Mod detail page:
I click the 'Play' button, then it changes to 'Stop' button but then immediately changes back to 'Play' button. Also, maybe instead of 'Play' it could be Read Text? Play kind of makes it sound like that button will play the mod, and not simply read the text (or maybe that's just me :D ).

I really like how that window is a bit smaller than the main one, so it's super obvious I can just exit out.

Overall a really terrific update and super impressive amount of work in a short time!

EDIT: It also appears that my changes to TTS options do not save. I can successfully save other settings options, but if I uncheck all TTS options, save, then try to recheck any and save, then the next time I come back to the settings none are checked. Oh I think I found the cause, I'll make a PR.

Dammit. I was ready to retire from SCP/FSO ecosystem, and then this comes along. :P

But really, this looks very cool. :yes:

Might you be interested in some help?

I can't promise how much I'll be able to contribute (RL is busy) and it'll be at least a month away, but I worked in .NET development (perf monitoring) for 3 years, so I know a thing or two about C#/.NET. :)

[Despite the timing, no April Fool's. ;)]

Right now, now that ngld is back ill take this opportunity to work on the dev tab. Well see how things are once this is done.

i just updated the roadmap... now that Avalonia V11 was release to stable ill start working on it again.

Stumbled upon this a little over a week ago and been using it over the other app ever since. Is this considered nuknossos? If so I quite like it!


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