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2 Actors Wanted for BtA
I'm looking for two actors to take on briefing roles for BtA's main campaign. Details below.

Lt. Matthew: Gives pretty much all of the briefings and debriefings. This is a large role and ye who wants it, must commit to it.

Vice Admiral Tighe: Gives a few of the command briefings and has one in-mission segment.

For Lt. Matthew, record this and send it to me or post it here.
Welcome to Antares, pilots I'm Lt. Matthew. As you know, we are here on a peacekeeping mission. Our general orders are to supplement local security forces. We are heading to Antares Station, a new Arcadia class installation that is still under construction. We'll be arriving within the hour.

While we are here, we'll be resupplying and making contact with the local security. The GTA is low on personnel and resources so Antares Station is protected by its own forces. While the station itself may still be under construction, it has already become a major traffic hub in this system. As such, the area will be quite busy.

For Vice Admiral Tighe, record this and send it to me or post it here.
I'm Vice Admiral Tighe. Admiral Po has instructed me to very briefly clear up some of the confusion regarding our recent change in course. As some of you may have heard, we received orders to proceed to Beta Aquilae to reinforce Commodore Jian's group against 'local threats.' However, Admiral Po feels this is, at best, a poor use of the GTA's limited resources, and at worst, deliberate misdirection. Admiral Po fears certain authority figures may be getting desperate.

The Admiral has no intention of stopping our operations and we are preparing for a mission in Regulus. To dodge charges of outright insubordination, Admiral Po has informed Command we will be proceeding to Beta Aquilae only after a much-needed refit in Sirius.
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