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Main MALE Character -- WW2 Film Series (Eventual Pay)

Looking for a WW2 Male voice actor who can recite lines in a very similar vocal style and inflection as this guy (Tommy): (Start at 0:50)

This is a Machinima project with goal of making money, this is not a typical amateur Machinima production, I have a lot of experience in this field and I know the business well. I need a quality voice actor who can provide voice acting at the caliber of that video, this voice actor needs to understand that I need a natural embodiment of that voice - while completing a perfect imitation is nice, the series will demand a spectrum of inflections, styles, and vocals in that range.

Details can be provided to you about the practicality and the finite details once a voice actor has submitted his audition and is seriously considered. I recommend anyone I've shown interest in to have the program: Discord available so we can discuss things in depth.

"Three week wonders, that's what we called the new guys. That's all the training they got and - it wasn't enough. They usually didn't last very long. No matter how much training you got or how strong you are, when you strap up and step on the battlefield for the first time - it changes you forever. Tarawa was just another strip of sand out in the middle of nowhere, but for many of us, it would be the last thing we ever saw..."

Send audio recordings to: [email protected] in an MP3 format,

There is not a set deadline but auditions will likely be closed and decided-upon by February 28th.

On another note. I will be requiring additional American voice actors to play smaller or other 'main' roles for the future of this series. So if you feel you aren't able to follow-along the guy's voice in the video, give me the best you got and there may be a spot for you!

Appreciate you, talk to you soon.