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Warhammer 40K voicing projects now open [FEMALE]
These are based on many Dawn of War I modifications where the player fully controls almost all War40k characters they played on the TableTop.

There are many Squads, Commanders, Vehicles, and Epic Units (End Game Ultimates) but only those successful will have their voices showcased to the other units.

I am the co-team lead of this project and will get the successful voice actors' work post-processed and placed in-game.

The sample in-game units to build voices for (choose any or all if desired):

Ordo Hereticus Commander
Faction/Regiment: WitchHunters / Sisters Of Battle / Adeptus Soroitas
Notes: Uses a combination of strong leadership, shrewd tactical genius, and sheer over-arching faith in the Emperor.
Age: 20s-40s
Accent: English High Gothic
Gender: Female
Pitch: Low-Medium preferred.

Audition Lines
1: Your zealousness needs my guidance.
2: My ministrations require that I tend to your war spirits.
3: Heretics crave the cleansing fire of absolution. We shall deliver!
4: Martyrdom is our highest privilege. It should also be our last.
5: For the fallen! Make them pay!
6: Smite them! In the Emperor’s name!
7: Avenge me sisterssss..! [Death event]

Note:we will need a few female actresses so this is not the only part available. All are welcome!

Where to send auditions:
thudo at rogers dot com or reply/PM here.

March 31, 2019.