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Video Game Trailer - Male/Female - $10 per line chosen
Hello all! Here with a semi-unique VA request. Instead of looking to hire since there are only a few lines in the video game's trailer - will instead just be doing this as a send in your "audition" of any lines below and if we select your lines, we will then pay you $10 for each line we chose! If any VA's are close, but not 100% to what we are looking for, we will reach out for more instructions on more variations. 

Send in as many variations as you want.   

Deadline: July 13th

Send Reels to: [email protected]    (Please name email "VA Entry - Yourname")

Game this is for:

Cast of Characters

Lines Needed: (Time Stamp, Character, Line, Situation line was said)

****Please use the trailer below for how quick to say each line(s)*****

0:01 - Ailfred - "Too much war...Too much death..." - Thinking to himself while looking over deathly remains of a battlefield

0:08 - Gall - "You could spend your whole life trying and you'd never repay our debt!" - Said to Ailfred after a heated argument about Ailfreds actions in war that destroyed Galls way of life and freedoms. Ailfred was trying to apologize. Gall was not having it.  Should be almost yelling.  Full of hateful emotion and venom.

0:12 - Masret - "Prove to me who you say you are, time...I may forgive you" - Masret, like Gall, has personal feud with Ailfred for what Ailfred did during the war. Masret is more understanding and open to forgiving than Gall was when he first met Ailfred in line above. Gall/Ailfred try convincing Masret that Ailfred has changed, this was Masrets reply.  He is skeptical. 

0:17 - Shakar - "How can you love the people of this world? They treat Abeyans like vermin!?" - Shakar says this incredulously to Niomi after Niomi blurts out that she loves everything in the world and would not change her persecuted Abeyan life for anything.  Should be almost yelling in disbelief at how Naive that statement was.

0:21 - Niomi - "I still love them... I can still love a world that hates me." - Niomi (age 12) says this in reply.  Almost defensively, unsure of herself. 

0:26 - Niomi - "Thats....not crazy,... ...  right?..." - Niomi says this as if she is even doubting herself now. Leave a decent pause after "That's" and a longer pause after "crazy".  The "Right?" at the end needs to resonate so it needs to be drawn out a little bit and clearly present it as a question. Like...."riiight?" 

How and when they would appear in the trailer: