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a radio alarm for my mobile
ok i admit this is maybe an odd question and maybe not the right place,
but i thought maybe some of you guys been tinkering with your mobiles and know some java.

what i basically(?) want to do, is to run an application(the preinstalled fm radio), when my alarm sets off.

yes i know i could get a radio alarm, but this wouldn't involve some programming and minor soldering ;).



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Re: a radio alarm for my mobile
Sony ericcsons have been able to do this for years. Try howardsforums, (google) the guys there are more up this subjects alley. Ps :bump:
You didn't even specify a make and model, that may have yielded results ;)


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Re: a radio alarm for my mobile
I could probably code for a phone in Java easily enough, just never seen the point when I have a Multi-core PC sitting at home :nervous:

Oh, and for the record, doing MP apps on Netbeans is actually quite fun ;)