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FORTUNE HUNTERS TRILOGY needs MORE actors! Still more! Now!

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Colonol Dekker:
Got your message, sent you one back.

Finally got my webspace working again.
Here is a link to a little selection of the files I did for BluePlanet. If noone better comes along, I'm going to be cast as the GTCv Lebouchere, so naturally those lines are in the file :) VA.rar

If you need more samples to decide, feel free to tell me. In total I got 90 selfmade voicefiles of BP sitting on my harddrive. I may not be a skilled voice actor, but I am certainly dedicated once I make up my mind :P

If you post two or three auditon lines for each character, we could record and submit them to you as in an audition process and you can pick whom you are going to cast that way.
check out and to see how they do it.

will be done soon, no worries  :)

Colonol Dekker:
I'll wait til then to audition then.
Expect out-takes too. . I wonder if General B will include my Orestes ones in BP somehow.


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