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INFERNO needs testers AGAIN

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Inferno, yes, the Inferno, not the disco one but the old FS2 mod needs you to help test for an early 2018 unknown time between 2021 and 2022 release!

If you're interested, leave a post expressing interest here or send me a PM and we'll get you set up.

May I join? I'm a huge fan of INF since I played INFR1 many years ago and it's been the main reason I've been lurking this forum for several years (even if you don't want me I'm happy to see that this is about to release). :)

Well, now that this is finally happening I'd be happy to help you out.

I would also be interested in helping out. Happy to see INF revving up again.

Inferno was for me the first and ever only Freespace 3 :) . It's giant ship lists inspired me to write a fan fiction back then...

I would like to help, even i have much to do at the moment, i should still be able to play a few missions per day :).

In kind of balancing issues in missions i can tell, that i played through several fan campaigns on Insane like Dimensional Eclipse (even the harder 1.0 version!), Ancient-Shivan War Act I and II, Dusk Wars Act I and II as well Into the Halls of Valhalla. All of these playthroughs were recorded and are still available to watch as a evidence. So i think that i have a good feeling about where some changes are needed.

In terms of mission bugs i refer to my translation packages, where i checked every mission for them to be solveable. Also i already helped sometimes with mission problems in the Support forums where i fixed bugs and uploaded an updated mission file.


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