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Testers wanted, with option for writers and proofreaders

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As the title suggests, I'm creating this thread for a specific purpose. I'm looking for no less than three dedicated testers willing to contribute to a serious busquashing effort, aimed at two short campaigns. If at least one of them could also serve as a writer/proofreader, that'd be quite helpful too considering the amount of text which has to undergo the process.

Right now, Admiral Nelson, Nightmare and Nyctaeus are helping me a lot but more workforce is needed. The final development phase was on hold as we needed the latest MVPs to come out first, and now we can finally resume it.

Iain Baker:
I can definitely help with the proofing, possibly with writing. Doubt I will have time to devote to testing however.

Thanks a lot! Expect a PM very soon.

One community member has volunteered as a tester via PM, and that's nice indeed. I need more people to perform that task, so please come forward if you're willing to contribute.  :) :)

A quick :bump: over here just to say that due to Real Life issues among some of the testers, as well as other projects overlapping, it'd be truly beneficial to have a couple of additional testers available to perform playthroughs, just to be sure everything's ok.

It'd be great if they could give some precious hints with respect to writing, too.

I can help with the testing and proof reading. I use linux, hope that won't be a problem.


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