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RELEASE: The Spirit of Ptah

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Just finished this one.
 I found it tougher then Gehenna's Gate.
The mission with all the scanning kicked my butt, I am just not that good of a pilot.
Lot's of fun trying to guess who you can trust.
How the HOL was able to develop such high tech with ,what I would think would be limited resource,s was a head scratcher, lol.

Support of influental politicians from vasudan parliament. TSoP hints the reason why Emperor dissoluted whole institution during Reconstruction.

We have been made aware of an issue with Mission 4 "Mask of a Fanatic" in Version 1.0.6 when running FSO 21.0.0 (or any Nightly from December 2020 onwards).

Hidden Text: A few spoilery details • ShowThe issue occurs when the HLD Hedju Hor leaves the mission. Because of a fix introduced into FSO in December 2020, that changes how certain combination of SEXP interact, the departure of the Hedju Hor will accidentally trigger one of the mission's failstates.

That failstate was only ever intended to be triggered if the player ignored the message to stop scanning the Hedju Hor's subsystems after three of them had been scanned. You can spot if it is this failstate by the message which plays as it is triggered:
Spoiler:<interphone> We've been discovered!  We have to abort the mission immediately, we're pulling back to a PVI outpost in the system.
While we are working on implimenting a fix for future releases, you can bypass the bug by using the Nightly Build 20.1.0-20201130 from last year.

Hidden Text: How to get the recommended Nightly on Knossos • ShowIf you are using Knossos, getting the Nightly and using it is very easy but a bit lenghtly:

1) Go to your Settings and, under "Knossos", change "Preferred Engine Stability" to "Nightlies";
2) Also under "Knossos" enable "Show Engine Builds in Mod List";
3) Save these settings;
4) Go to the "Explore"-Tab and find "FSO" and click on "Details";
5) On the Details-page open the "Version"-drop down and find "20.1.0-20201130";
6) Unless you already have that Nightly installed, the "Install"-button should now appear. Press it and wait for the download to complete.
7) Return to the Home tab and go to "Details"-page of "Series Resurrecta";
8) There press "Options" and go to "FSO Settings";
9) In the window that opens, select from "20.1.0-20201130" in the "FSO build" dropdown;
10) Configure your flags and save these settings.

You can always check which FSO Build you are using by checking the lower left hand corner of the Mainhall Screen.

Running on Ubuntu 20.04, game start crashes. Debug log here



--- Quote from: praseodym on May 02, 2021, 02:49:53 pm ---Running on Ubuntu 20.04, game start crashes. Debug log here


--- End quote ---

Sorry for the late reply - I think I know this one, even if I am not Linux user.

 It seems to be a mismatch between the build required for SerRes and the MVP-version you are using. I will have to check if SerRes 1.0.6 is actually compatible with 4.4.2 MVPs.

Have you tried using the build mentioned in the post above (20.1.0-20201130)?


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