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General Battuta:
Yes, but you still need a log line. I'm not interested in finding out details until I have a hook (this is how readers in general behave).

All basic details are available right where they're supposed to.  :nod:

You can't read the announcement thread without taking a look at this board and, in a similar fashion, you can't stumble on the news article we posted on ModDB without reading basic information concerning the mod.

Both interfaces are set in a way that makes learning more about SR very easy.  :yes:

General Battuta:

--- Quote from: Mobius on December 14, 2020, 02:34:45 pm ---Í
You can't read the announcement thread without taking a look at this board

--- End quote ---


General Battuta:

--- Quote ---SR, from limbo to release
At what point does it become "too late" to release a mod or project? One week, a couple of months, three years? What about 4965 days, 22 hours, 1 minute, and 53 seconds? Well, listen to Series Resurrecta's story. On March 13th, 2007, at precisely 10:22pm, I started working on a campaign that was meant to be an unofficial expansion for Inferno Alliance Standalone, the upgrade to the main INFA release which was also meant to feature a number of satellite campaigns, each with its own story.

Many years have passed since then, and so many things have happened. Recently, I managed to recover these old files and save them from oblivion. Soon afterwards, I also managed to group a team of devoted contributors, and we worked together on getting this stuff in working conditions. Now, what has officially become the SerRes Team is proud to announce the release of two campaigns, Gehenna's Gate and The Spirit of Ptah, plus the modpack which will serve as root for future releases. You're right - this is just the beginning of this "resurrection" effort!

What's in SerRes-1.0.6?
The first release of SR features two campaigns, Gehenna's Gate [GehG] and The Spirit of Ptah [TSoP], as well as the main SR modpack, which will be shared by future releases. Both campaigns are grouped under the Shadows of the Great War brand.

What's featured?
- Two campaigns, comprised of 14 missions;
- Revamped versions of pre-existing models;
- Detailed fiction texts adding extra lore to the FreeSpace continuity;
- Exclusive soundtracks created by professional artists;


(Please note that the ModDB version may not be up to date, and its installation may result in a number of issues.)

Recommended FSO Builds
SerRes-1.0.0 has been tested to work properly on the latest Nightlies, released in October. Earlier builds may expose bugs. Nightly 20201015+ is recommended.


Author and Mission Designer: Mobius

Asset Design: Nyctaeus
Testers: Admiral Nelson, Aspidochelone, Fusion, lordhood117, Nightmare, Nyctaeus
Exclusive music: Bloodstalker, Daddy Warhol / Electric Trojan, Georgios Savvinidis, Rich Douglas
Proofreaders: Admiral Nelson, Iain 'Nomad' Baker, lordhood117

Additional contributions:
Admiral Nelson (Command Briefing ANIs, table polishing)
Aspidochelone (Modpack improvements)
Nyctaeus (Loading screens, banners, modpack and model improvements)
Wistler (Testing support)
Wombat (Testing support)

Additional credit goes to development teams behind Scroll of Atankharzim and Ancient-Shivan War for some of the CB animations used in this modpack. MjnMixael also helped out in the effort. Community member Black Wolf is to be credited for the set of Vasudan anis.

Finally, very special thanks to Woomeister who supported the creation and development of unofficial INFASA minicampaigns back in the day.

1.0.6 - minor bug and packaging issues.
1.0.5 - same as below.
1.0.4 - packaging issue solved.
1.0.3 - more fixes to HUD issues.
1.0.2 - packaging issue solved.
1.0.1 - fix for a reported scaling HUD issue with specific resolutions.
--- End quote ---

So, uh, what's this mod about?

General Battuta:

--- Quote ---I always wanted to have such thing. This is the place where all of the updates regarding our upcoming projects set withing SR setting will be congregated. Usually with some [I hope so] pretty pictures or walls of text? Well, we will see.

The first post of this development blog is also available on the Official Series Resurrecta Profile on ModDB.

I'm Nyx, right? My job is to keep things shiny :]. So I have several shiny things for you!

I'm happy to announce, that development of third campaign set within the setting of Series Resurrecta is being launched. Although we still work on improvements on Gehenna's Gate and The Spirit of Ptah, we also have modpack required for the third installment mostly assembled. Mobius begun freding of M01, and in the meantime I assemble some cosmetic things which are not critical but certainly nice to have :].

The title of the next campaign is classified, but so far I will refer to this project as: Srdp

I can officially reveal, that the next campaign will feature several, original factions. Some of them are canon, others are not. Some of them are terran, others are not. The first two I can reveal are: Adhara Coalition - one of major, terran blocks formed after the collapse of GTA. Player character is a pilot in service of Adharan Navy, onboard ACD Uhuru. The second faction is Regulus Syndicate. As a small reminder, both are canon to Freespace universe just like Luyten New Alliance and Antares Federation.

One of the staples of Series Resurrecta is large and fancy modpack, featuring several, new, carefully picked classes of starships. Srdp is no different in this regard, and as your local provider of polygons covered in shiny bitmaps, I feel obliged to not disappoint you :].

So let's start with Adhara Coalition assets:
--- End quote ---

So, uh, what's this mod about?


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