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What would a GTI victory look like?

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A while ago we talked about what an NTF 'victory' would have looked like (basically they got Polaris, Regulus, and Sirius...I think that was the consensus).

What would a GTI victory in Silent Threat/STR have looked like?  What would the post-war situation be?

Iain Baker:
Ooh, now that is an interesting thought experiment.  :yes:

I imagine it would have had several effects:

1 - the GTA either being taken over by the GTI completely or the remaining GTA and the GTI signing a peace agreement but then immediately entering a cold war scenario. (Fortune would indeed have favoured the bold ;-) )

2 - Relations with the Vasudans would take a nose dive. If some part of the GTA remains then perhaps that part will maintain the alliance with the Vasudans, but I imagine it would be somewhat fraught. If the GTI controls everything, they either go to war with the vasudans again or enter a cold war scenario with them.

3 - The shivan technology and intelligence wouldn't be lost, so the GTI would have a clear technological edge over the vasudans and non-GTI humanity. The Hades may become a whole class of ship with several sister ships. Beam weapons would be in widespread use earlier.

4 - the colossus wouldn't have been built.

5 - ETAK would probably still happen, but possibly earlier on and with greater success.

6 - The NTF probably wouldn't have come into existence since there wouldn't be a perceived need for it since the GTI would be performing that perceived function.

7 - Discovering and opening the GamDrac Knossos may still happen - and possibly earlier on.

8 - Attempting to contact the shivans in the nebular might still happen. It could be a slower and more cautious process since it would presumably have the full weight of the GTI behind it, as opposed to just the Iceni and bosch running from the GTVA. Whether this would change the outcome would be up to the storytellers. Capella may still go boom and the GTI might still have to retreat and sever the nodes to survive, or it could turn out quite differently. :-)

Just my off the top of my head thoughts :-)

There is a failure debriefing for the last mission of ST:R...

--- Quote ---We failed to stop the Hades before it could repair its engines, and the GTI superweapon successfully made the subspace jump to Altair.  It has only been a few short hours since the battle ended, but our worst fears have been confirmed.

We have already started to receive reports on the devastation being wrought in Altair and Aldebaran.  Hundreds of thousands of Vasudans are believed dead, and many of the PVN's highest-ranking officers have committed ritual suicide, including Admiral Amentep, commander of the PVD Guardian and the Vasudan 13th Battle Group.  Most alarmingly, Hammer of Light cells in Altair have begun to change their rhetoric, claiming that the prophesied Great Destroyers are not the Shivans after all, but the Terrans.

Perhaps our victory was not meant to be.  In our battle against the Hades, the odds were against us, and the sentiments of fourteen years are not easily pushed aside by the events of six months.  As we speak, Terran ships across the GTA are defecting to the GTI in large numbers, and members-in-hiding of the intelligence directorate have emerged to seize power in Delta Serpentis.  In the face of overwhelming opposition from our former allies, Admiral Tess and the Soyakaze have surrendered.

Our failure has brought calamity to our ravaged systems.  Though the wars against the Vasudans and the Shivans are now over, we may have paid the price with our souls.
--- End quote ---

Another interesting scenario is what might have happened if the GTI conspiracy had not been uncovered by the Krios.

This got me thinking: is there any campaign in which you fly for the gti insurrection?

Iain Baker:
If there isn’t there should be 😎


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