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A home for custom table edits etc.


Iain Baker:
Hi all!

Apologise if I’m talking about something that already exists that I haven’t noticed, but I have a suggestion / question.

Is there an easily accessible place where players can share their custom table edits and the like? For example, my auto-aim table, or my WiP rework or Reunion Act One so that it uses TTS? I imagine many of us have created custom tables, mod variations etc. for our own use and enjoyment that others might find useful and entertaining.

This could perhaps be combined with a ‘custom edit wanted’ thread.

Perhaps a new section on the forums?

In terms of hosting would we need to use individual mediafire accounts or similar, or would there be a central HLP one anyone could upload to. (I can see both positives and negatives to the latter.)

Let me know what you think and if the response is positive, how we should set this up?

Cheers  :)

Sounds like Asset Releases to me. Tables files are still assets, even if they are just text.


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