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Check out the size of her pheropods, boys!

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To all you brave young service men, still in the trenches: Bobbau, Kazan, Coolmon, Goober, Kara, Inquisitor and all the rest - rememeber boys, you're fighting for her!  Miss Vasuda Prime 2332 - Kho'bani Shekmet Nabubu IV! She's got the finest pneumatic gastrosacs of all the ladies of what's left of Vasuda Prime!

Quick Painter sketch based off a horribly wrong idea  that went even more horribly wrong.

(temp. down)


EDIT: Seems my FTP just won't agree with me. So it's photobucket for now, kids!

It is indeed an horrible idea.
"beats up Japong with a vasudan string"

what can i say about that. that hasn't already been said.

1) Vasudan legs are different.
2) Vasudan Females are indistinguishable from the males.
3) You're a sick bugger.

I'd much rather look at Marauder's "I wuv you" vasudan than look at that.


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