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Epic Bughunt Claims Sanity, Human Blood

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--- Quote from: Aardwolf on April 19, 2010, 10:27:07 pm ---So uh... what's this about ", Human Blood" in the thread title?

--- End quote ---

Black Magic usually involves blood rituals, and by performing such a ritual the BP team was able to find and squish this annoying bug.
Since they didn't had the time to find a suitable victim candidate for the ritual, General Battuta volunteered for the sake of a bugfree game. He put his life at risk, but seeing the result, it was worth it.
This dedication demands our respect!


Bull****, they poked me with needles in the middle of the night.

General Battuta:
Did no one administer the Oblivius Curse? NO ONE?


This seemed appropriate.. specifically, the third line...  :lol:

I must say, this story gave me quite a laugh. Who would have thought of a bug that would set the player's location outside of the universe? Great job, btw.

Sorry I can't resist saying this, but you've just been divided by 0.  :pimp:


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