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Best space-shooter ever
Just wanted to say what an amazing job the Diaspora team have done with this- and this is coming from someone who doesn't usually play dogfighting style games; I tend to prefer things like X3 or EVE. This is quite possibly the only game I've played that really captures that feeling of being one little fighter in a massive space battle, and it just feels so right for BSG.
So, yeah, just a big thanks to everyone involved in this, great work all :D


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Re: Best space-shooter ever
thank you...glad you like it :)
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Re: Best space-shooter ever
this is WAY better than any X game for combat! and lore.

Re: Best space-shooter ever
this is WAY better than any X game for combat! and lore.
Yeah, X is more about being a massive sandbox- combat was more a means of progression than the actual point of the game, which I usually prefer, since space-sims that are based entirely around the combat usually feel a bit empty and pointless after a while, for me, but Diaspora is certainly an exception.


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Re: Best space-shooter ever
X are great games if you like to micro-manage your brains out and flying's just a bonus. Me, I never really wanted to build a space business empire. All I wanted was to buy better ships, upgrade them way past stock specs, meet shady characters in bars, pick up less-than legal jobs, and get engrossed in a cool storyline. Sort of like the first Privateer. So the X games, even though I completed the first two, were never really my cup of tea.
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Re: Best space-shooter ever
This is definitely one of the best space games I have flown.  I don't think I've enjoyed a space flight game this much since Wing Commander.  Diaspora has a short campaign, but it really blew me away with the quality of the voice acting, script, and over-all scale of the battles.  It felt like I was in an episode of Battlestar.  It is also a lot of fun to fly.  The ability to turn off and on the atmospheric like flying is really well done, and a lot of fun.

I really enjoy playing the game. 

Thanks a lot for your work.


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Re: Best space-shooter ever
Since Wing Commander, or since Wing Commander Saga? :p

Cause saying you haven't enjoyed space sims as much as 6 months ago, when they launched, isn't as big a compliment. :D
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Re: Best space-shooter ever
Since Wing Commander from the 1990's  ;) 

I've tried a few space shooters.  I'd gotten X3 and Evochron over the summer, but I have never been able to get into them.

The game is really well done.  It was nearly impossible impact with so much going on at once, not to mention how small you feel when flying between a Battlestar and a Cylon base ship.


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Re: Best space-shooter ever
yo you should try  out freespace 2


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Re: Best space-shooter ever
Get yerself acquainted with Freespace2, then go play Blue Planet, and cry manly tears with dem Shivans.
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