Author Topic: need help - spolers for m6!  (Read 1729 times)

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need help - spolers for m6!
how do we land on the prometheus? i feel like an idiot but i just played through the entire mission (finally without crashing) and lost because i couldnt figure out how to land or where its hangar actually is located.



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Re: need help - spolers for m6!
For spoilers use tag
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You fail if you don't land? You approach prometheus from the front and you fly in and land as you usually do. If you don't land, I think you have to defend rest of civilian ships and survive until mission ends.
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Re: need help - spolers for m6!
i couldnt find anywhere to land. isnt the prometheus the smaller frigate class ship? i flew over to it but didnt find anywhere to land and then got blown up by a raider. where is the landing pad?


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Re: need help - spolers for m6!
Hehe, this is a bit like sending coded messages!

It is true that you can't really "fail" M6 unless you die.

To answer your question though:

Prometheus has a landing bay inside the ship. Go to the front of the ship, where there is an opening and the inner deck is covered with cargo crates and stuff. Then just land wherever you can, so long as it's inside the ship. For further clarification, I suggest you go to youtube and watch some M6 missions. There you should be able to find a visual example of where/how to land on the Prometheus.

Hope this helps!
So say we all!


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Re: need help - spolers for m6!
It seems you're failing to land because you mistook the Prometheus for a bolitho class frigate called the Sabazius. You can't land on that. The Prometheus is a large reddish freighter. Your target box should identify it as the Prometheus as well. If in doubt, check what it looks like in the tech library. As people have said, the Prometheus has an entrance from the front. You will see four arm-like cranes at the front near the bridge section. Fly past them and you will see a long runway going down the middle of the ship. You should find this structure easiest to land on.
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Re: need help - spolers for m6!
figured it out. thanks eeveryone! too bad that was the last mission though, haha. im loving it