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2012-11-09 - Blood & Chrome released, what are we up to?
So since Blood and Chrome releases today (or at least the first part has), I figured it was time to post and bring everyone up to date on what the team has been doing in the couple of months since our release.

Patches - Yeah, everyone hates them but a fair percentage of our time has been spent on patches. We'll shortly be releasing patch 1.0.4 which is meant to be the last Diaspora R1 patch using the original codebase. The codebase we've been using for our patches is now around 3 months old and doesn't include some of the new features that have been added to the code since our 1st release.
 1.0.4 will hopefully be the last of our bug fix patches, giving you the game we would have released if we'd had the resources for more beta testing, etc.
 Future patches will add new features (shadows and improved lighting, for instance, are currently being worked on by the SCP team) and hopefully more stable code (the pilot code fix has been in progress for several years now).

Release 1.5 - The current plan from the team is to work on getting multiplayer working (this is something that requires work from the coders and FREDders) and get together the ships we need for our second release (This is what the artists have been working on).
 Whether there will be a 1.5 release or not is still unknown. The plan is that if multiplayer is working well but R2 is still some time away, we'll release 1.5 so that people can enjoy the multiplayer experience as quickly as possible. If R2 is getting close to release, R1.5 will be folded into R2. This will in many ways be better as R2 multiplayer will give you a lot more ships to play with.

Release 2 - Some of the team were already working on R2 before R1 was released. But we still had work to do formalising our plots and getting things together so that we could really gear up for R2 development. Since the release of Shattered Armistice, our artists have made good progress adding new ships to the game. Expect dev blog posts about these soon(ish).

Hiring New Team Members - We've already added 3 new members who weren't present during R1 development. l2k and user42012 will both be making new ships for us while foxdie49 will be working hard on artwork for the game. We're still on the lookout for people to join us though, especially modellers and coders. While we have enough people on the team to get R2 out, it would go faster with more.
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